The Super Bowl is measured with numbers rather than a year because it started life as “The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game”, and so logically, the 1968 game would be the “Second” game, although at the time, it was still referred to as the “1968 World Championship Game” on the program. They started to use numbers (though not at the time numerals) because the game did take place the year after the season who’s championship game it was. (Though this has not stopped games like the Pro Bowl from using the year).

The reason it used numerals from Super Bowl V (5) onwards? Because Lemar Hunt believed that numerals looked fancy, and made the game seem more important.

Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day of the year for food consumption in the US. Thanksgiving is first.
Americans will spend more than $50 million on food during the four days prior to the Super Bowl.
4,000 tons of popcorn will be consumed.
Eight million pounds of guacamole and 14,500 tons of chips will be consumed.
5,000 pounds of hotdogs will be sold during the game.
Beer sales will increase by $17.9 million during Super Bowl week.

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for pizza sales and even more so if the game is close.
Domino’s Pizza expects to sell about 9 million slices of pizza, about 44 percent more than a typical Sunday. Pizza Hut expects a 50% increase.
Delivery drivers will log about four million miles and can expect a normal two dollar tip to skyrocket to $20.
Pizza delivery drivers report more accidents to insurance companies on Super Bowl Sunday.

The average number of people at a Super Bowl party is 17.
Five percent of viewers will watch the game alone.
One out of every 12 people watching the game will be suffering through the boring football part just to see the commercials.
Six percent of Americans will call in sick the Monday after the Super Bowl.
Antacid sales will increase by 20 percent on the Monday after the Super Bowl.
Other than St. Patrick’s Day, more drivers are involved in alcohol-related accidents on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.


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