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Originally posted on VentureBeat:


This guest post was written by Daniel Saks, co-CEO of AppDirect, a company that offers an “entre-ployee” initiative.

Many 9-to-5-ers dream of being their own bosses, but starting a company is risky business. Over half of all small businesses don’t make it, and the numbers are even worse in the tech industry; a few high-profile success stories dominate the news, but three out of every four startups end up failing.

Despite these statistics, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking in Silicon Valley and beyond. In fact, some forward-thinking companies are looking to take innovation to the next level by giving employees the chance to launch their own companies while on the job. These new hybrid entrepreneur-employees — or “entre-ployees” — are poised to reshape the face of the tech industry.

This is a big shift in the way that many people think about starting a company, so why…

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